Four tips to look younger

We see the commercials touting the creams, serums, routines and injections. (Not that I am opposed to the injectables, but that a whole other entry) These items are crazy expensive $100+ creams and $500 injections. What’s a practical woman to do? I say, keep it simple.

My first tip, make your eyes pop.

Use eye drops, Yes, eye drops. Maybe it’s lack of sleep, the job, too much time online or whatever? Our eyes may look more red. I prefer an allergy eye drop, but others that reduce redness and lubricate the eyes also work.

Another great eye opener is mascara. A more current look is mascara only on the top lashes. It draws the attention up and makes your peepers look more open. However, if you HAVE to HAVE them on the lower lid, go lighter. Like a light brown if you use black on top.

Third tip, line the waterline of your eye with a white eye pencil. It helps brighten the eye as well. If you feel white is too stark, opt for a nude color.

While this isn’t a tip for the eye, per se, don’t forget your brows. Filling in your brows does NOT have to look like crazy aunt Mabel’s pencil thin “brows”. My favorite brow makeup is Elf and it’s only $3!

I have a darker complextion, so I use medium. If you area a light skinned person, go for the light. There is a perfect little angled applicator for the cream side, and a fluffy brush for the power side. I love to use my magnifying mirror. I can fill in where my real brows are supposed to begin. It helps to have your brows waxed before, so you have a perfect shape.

Affordable, practical and simple. 🙂

My happy place

I started this little blog because, I want everyone to know the tips for feeling their best self.  I’m going to dedicate this site to hair, makeup and product reviews.  I want you all to feel Be.YOU.tiful!